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Create a brand from scratch. A brand that breaks out of its category and that is packed with attitude.

You seriously can't get a half decent, pre-grated pizza cheese in the supermarket. Just look at this:

bad cheese


GRATE - the high quality, pre-grated pizza cheese.

GRATE packaging

• Cool name (GRATE, lol)

• "In your face" logo

• Paper bag = quality

• Smaller pack sizes

• Imported, exotic cheeses

GRATE packaging
GRATE sticker

One pack for one pizza so your
hungry ass can mix them cheeses.

GRATE packaging back

Description of the cheese on the back and suggestions for which kind of pizza it would be GRATE on.

And just look how easy it was to cross-merchandise with a line of cool ass marinara sauces and an oven-ready sourdough pizza crust. Mother of God:

GRATE packaging
GRATE packaging

We even animated the website. When does it end?!

Download the full PDF about GRATE
Made in collaboration with Amanda Wiwe