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Join the sharing economy wave and create an app that makes people want to help each other out.

When you need just one thing from the store it feels really annoying to go get it, even if it isn't far away.

We get everybody to pick up stuff for each other.
We'll call it Grapp (grab + app, damn that's genious)

grapp logo

First, look at this sexy logo design. Nice.

The symbol is a combination of a 'G' and a shopping basket.

The calm color palette radiates trust and dependability.

Punch in your address, the furthest distance you want to deliver to and select your favorite places.

grapp interface

Whenever a Grapper is near your favorite places, your lazy ass will get a push notification. You can then add up to 3 items of your choosing and suggest a delivery fee (GRAPP charges 10%).

grapp interface

Your homie in the store sees your shopping list, address and suggested fee which he can accept.

grapp interface

All there's left to do is for you to pay up, using MobilePay, and you can then rate each other.

grapp interface

Made in collaboration with
Anne Vestergaard and Nicklas Hurtig

NB! Since we came up with this concept in early 2015, some scumbags from Rema1000 have apparently gone and made this a real thing. But we're reasonable people, so we forgive them. I chose to include it here anyway because it's still a sweet concept, we came up with it first, and our name and design is way cooler.