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Market a small hostel in central Copenhagen to youth outside the city. The goal is to create greater social cohesion between the capital and the countryside.

1. Nothing brings people together like music
2. There's A LOT of live music in Copenhagen

Denmarks first completely music-oriented hostel.

Alright, so first we did the visual identity:

copenhagen backpackers overview
copenhagen backpackers logo

We put the 'B' inside of the 'C' and made it look like an ear. Hehe.

copenhagen backpackers text

The name is set only in consonants because the hostel provides the framework for the vowels (tones) that you're gonna experience in Copenhagen. #deep

copenhagen backpackers earplugs

In the lobby you're provided with a pair of complimentary, custom made Copenhagen Backpackers-earplugs.

copenhagen backpackers map

Instead of the usual tourist map with directions to all the boring shit, you get a a guide to all the illest concert venues in town.

Then we made a series of print- and outdoor ads:

copenhagen backpackers print

The outdoor ads would be placed in medium sized towns around Denmark, telling about concerts in Copenhagen they would miss unless they bought tickets and a bed at Copenhagen Backpackers' website.

The prints were similar and would run in GAFFA, the biggest music magazine in Denmark.

The website features upcoming concerts:

copenhagen backpackers website

When you select a concert, you can book tickets and a bed and breakfast with Copenhagen Backpackers.

copenhagen backpackers website

The app connects with your Spotify or iTunes, and notifies you about upcoming concerts in Copenhagen with your favorite artists. Yeah, baby:

copenhagen backpackers app

When you book your room, you have the option to see who you will be sharing a dorm with, and what concerts they're gonna go to. NEW FRIENDS, WEE!

copenhagen backpackers app

Also, it shows you the quickest way to your concert venue on your rented Copenhagen Backpackers-bike, because of the environment and stuff.